On pornographic websites worldwide, used panties are a highly sought-after commodity. Some males think that smelling or staring at worn women’s underwear stimulates and satisfies their sexual needs. Because males are visual beings, they become attracted by some women’s items, including soiled underwear. Selling their worn underwear on numerous pornographic websites, such as pure raw sex, allows women to make significant money. Men may buy used underwear on pornographic websites and indulge their sexual desires without disclosing who they are.

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Certain vendors and purchasers choose to be anonymous. We provide privacy to those who demand it on our website. Buying and selling worn underwear is strictly an adult business.


The wonderful smell of used women’s underwear stimulates sexual desire. Men, on the other hand, dislike clean underwear since it may smell like soap or perfume. Men always search for the natural women’s aroma in old underwear. It has the same impact as smelling a lady in person when you smell the worn underwear.

Some men’s sexual fetishes include hoarding women’s used underwear in their homes. This indicates that there is a very large global market for secondhand underwear, and women may profit handsomely from this lucrative industry.

Fetish for Used Panties

The fact that some people become hooked to the scent of worn-out women’s underwear may surprise you. Some guys like their foreplay by smelling or staring at the used underwear of attractive women before engaging in sexual activity with their wives or girlfriends. Men are visually stimulated animals, and they can become aroused simply by smelling or seeing the underwear of a woman they love.

Therefore, to make your used panties more appealing, make sure they have seductive patterns and hues.

Once more, it’s not just women who demand to see their own undies. There are women who adore men’s old underwear.

Men love old underwear on ladies.

Men, of course, adore women’s soiled panties. They maintain this tendency into adulthood from their adolescent years. You may find that your partner enjoys toying with your soiled underwear even during foreplay. It isn’t a surprise that guys adore used underwear that their dream ladies wear, even if they have never shared a bed or are complete strangers. A guy would want to have more of you if he has a crush on you based only on your physical appearance or online presence, and soiled panties provide that chance.


Many men and women have a strong craving for dirty underwear, but it’s done in secret and difficult to identify. If you know how this firm operates, you can see it’s flourishing. Most users of adult websites are not only searching for relationships or love; others are there to purchase or sell used underwear.


One of the most well-liked adult websites for buying or selling worn underwear is pure raw sex. Please browse the website, explore, and register for an account. Still, there are two accounts: the standard account and the premium account. More thrilling options like creating your own private store on the site, having limitless live conversations with prospective customers, and selling your own content are included with the premium membership. Pure Raw Sex consistently ranks premium seller accounts higher, attracting more customers by displaying your profile to a larger audience.

You are now able to post pictures of the filthy underwear you wish to sell after creating your seller account. To make it simple for the customer to obtain a clear view, though, make sure you capture high-quality pictures. Accurately describing your goods is crucial, especially when it comes to the used panties’ substance. It’s also advisable that you be accessible to answer questions regarding your goods from prospective customers. Recall that following their purchase, the customer will rate both your goods and services. You gain more consumers the higher your ratings are.

Now that your business and account are set up, always be honest about shipping costs and prices after you get a customer. A platform for communication and commerce is provided by pure raw sex for buyers and sellers. Decide on a price, a payment plan, and who will pay for the delivery with your consumer.


Our goal at pure raw sex is to provide a space where people feel comfortable going about their business. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problems purchasing or selling filthy underwear or other things on our website. To assist you in making the most of our website and to answer any questions you may have, our customer service department is staffed around-the-clock.