Please view the movie to see the variety of laser-cut acrylic usage experiences that our clients enjoy. Finally, if such a setup isn’t being used daily, then it presents itself as an uneconomical option for engineers. The high cost of such machines combined with the time needed to configure and maintain can introduce numerous headaches during the prototyping stage.

Laser speed and power requirements are affected by the type of acrylic being cut. The melting point of castacrylic is higher than that of extrudedacrylic, so it requires more power to cut it. The laser power level, the quality requirements for the cut and the thickness of the work material are some of the factors that must be taken into account when choosing the cutting speed. There are a variety of shapes and sizes that can be configured into cast acrylic sheets. When it is laser cut, cast acrylic does not develop the same type of “flame polished” edge that extruded acrylic does.

When you use the laser cutter to engrave these materials, you will get one button cutting and engraving. This also includes wood, glass, leather, and many others. There is a digital control panel that gives you control over the laser head, project progression, speed and power settings.

The use of transparent acrylic helps to drive attention towards the design and is useful for designs with different colors. One major advantage of laser engraved acrylic is that light shining into the side of the sheet will only light up the engraved areas. This will make the engraved areas appear to hover in the air while giving off their own light. If the acrylic is transparent, the engraving is not completely visible. The contrast between the transparent bulk material and the engraving is low due to the fact that engraved transparent acrylic has a white cloudy appearance. The SN2616 Low Rider is a laser machine that has everything.

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It’s important to use an appropriate exhaust system and wear a mask when using a laser. It is advisable to place the finished project in a wellventilated area because the fumes can linger on the laser cut acrylic for some time after cutting. It’s necessary to acquire adequate knowledge and skills before attempting to laser cut. We have a guide on laser cutting acrylic. A 10W laser can cut black and colored, but it can’t cut clear. You need a CO2 laser to cut thicker acrylic.

When its temperature rapidly reaches the boiling point, it transforms from a solid to a gaseous state. Laser cutting can raise the temperature of the material and cause it to evaporate and leave a deep mark. Laser machines can cut acrylic by penetrating the sheet with appropriate power and speed, resulting in a desired shape quickly. If you have a CO2 laser, you can cut both extruded and cast acrylic equally well, however, cast acrylic is more expensive and has a better engraving quality. Thin and colored cast acrylic is the only choice for cutting with a laser.

The wavelength and color of the laser can affect the engraving. As the blue color reflects the blue laser, it can’t cut the blue acrylic. Clear acrylic cannot be cut with a blue laser because the beams don’t absorb the material. CO2 lasers are used for cutting and engraving. The CO2 laser’s wavelength (9 to 11 m) is readily absorbed by acrylics, which causes the plastic material to evaporate where the laser hits it. On a case by case basis, the power, speed, and focal length of the laser machine will differ.

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The best thing about it is that the person who will order the invitation will get several pieces for distribution. In line spacing, use low power and some distance. Your engraving quality will decrease if you use too many lines per inch. You can upgrade some of the lasers if you need to.

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The rule is that 10 W of power is required for every 1mm of thickness. If the cut speed is slowed down to allow enough energy input to melt and cut the material, lower power levels can be used. If the power is too low for a slower speed to compensate, the cut quality may be insufficient for the application. The different factors to consider when using this process are explained in the article. If you want to learn more about laser cutting, contact a Xometry representative.

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Xometry provides a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, including sheet cutting and other value-added services for all of your prototyping and production needs. Visit laser cutter for acrylic our website to learn more or to request a free, no-obligation quote. As a general rule of thumb, cutting acrylic requires at least 10 W for every mm of acrylic.