The $40.6 billion worldwide sex toy business is ripe for the taking, with new firms emerging every minute to cater to niche needs and satisfy thirsty clients.

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Even if there are still difficulties in the business, the sex positivity movement and shifting public perceptions have created additional opportunities for people who wish to sell sex toys online.

We’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of the sex toy industry in this comprehensive book, complete with advice and genuine examples from seasoned business professionals. We’ll cover everything from building a brand to guaranteeing consumer pleasure while selling sex toys online.

The state of the sex toy market today

Purchasing and selling sex toys took place almost solely at strip malls with veiled windows as late as the 1990s, with sales being concealed in paper bags.

Only in the last few decades have sex and body acceptance helped adult companies transition from niche to mainstream. This change occurred at the same time as e-commerce and the internet were widely used. People in niche groups connected with one another, and anybody could sell sex toys to consumers online while remaining private in their own houses.

However, difficulties remain, just as with any politically charged subject like sex. Because of the nature of the company, the owners must exercise particular caution to preserve the privacy of their clients. Furthermore, although technology has made it simpler to contact customers, it frequently causes conflict for those who sell sex devices. Adult company entrepreneurs are forced to come up with innovative solutions because to restrictions imposed by social media platforms and banking institutions.

But even for novices, creating a profitable internet business selling sex toys and accessories is achievable with the correct resources, an original product idea, and extensive research.

Online sex toy sales may be a lucrative venture, but there are certain difficulties that call for ingenuity. This book will help you through the process of making sex toys, building a brand, and dealing with censorship if your goal is to sell adult toys.

Online sex toy sales strategies

Online sex toy sales may be a lucrative venture, but there are certain difficulties that call for ingenuity. This book will help you through the process of making sex toys, building a brand, and dealing with censorship if your goal is to sell adult toys.

To create your own sex toy business, get tips from the people behind Clone-A-Willy, Little Jane, Emojibator, and Strange Bedfellas.

Identify a concept and a market for it.

To begin selling sex toys, focus on a certain market or item that you wish to offer. Which segment of the sex toy business are you going to dominate? You may even carve out a niche for yourself. Do your homework before making any decisions, advises Kristin Fretz, a co-founder of Emojibator. “Before committing money and resources into a concept, ensure that the product and market fit is strong.” Think about concepts in the following categories:

Recognizing your clientele

Finding a market for your sex toy goods and gauging demand should go hand in hand with honing in on your target demographic. Meesh Oglesby-Cunningham, the creator of Strange Bedfellas, states, “We were lucky that there was already a strong community built around the collecting of fantasy sex toys.”

Meesh was also aware that the majority of the people who created the fantasy sex toy community were LGBTQ+, and she has drawn inspiration from them ever since she started the company. “We’re lucky to have people who are willing to advise us on how to make our designs more appealing to a wider audience,” she adds. “Since founding this business, I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge about inclusive language and product design.”

Emojibator launched its sex toys to a wider audience than Strange Bedfellas, which focused on a more niche market. Joe characterizes the brand’s diverse clientele as consisting of “first-time sex toy buyers, parents, gift shoppers, avid sex-toy collectors, gender non-conforming people, emoji fanatics, and folks rediscovering pleasure after sexual trauma.”

Create a brand

Emojibator was founded in 2016 by Kristin and Joe Vela, who came up with the concept for an eggplant-shaped vibrator. Together, the two set out to create a line of sex toys that was “approachable and relatable,” terms that, according to Kristin, are not often associated with the sex toy industry.

Emojibator’s success may be partly ascribed to its inception during the zenith of the emoji trend, but it was also greatly influenced by the founders’ choice to position the company with amusing, shareable content.

This is a crucial phase in the development of any company. In addition to having a cutting-edge goods, your brand plays a crucial role in persuading people to purchase from you. It should have a distinct goal, connect with your target audience, and tell a narrative. Building trust is another function of brand in the sex toy industry.

producing adult goods and sex toys

In their own factory, Meesh and her crew create and manufacture silicone sex toys by hand. When Meesh made the switch from 2D graphics to 3D sex items, she discovered that there wasn’t much regulation in the US and that knowledge on creating and selling sex devices was easily obtained online. She had to work extra hard to make sure her supplies and procedures were safe in this situation.

“For those who take the time to look it up, there are guides and resources available,” Meesh states. “In addition, there is a sizable collector community that talks about this kind of thing and was a great source of knowledge when I first started down this road.”